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Inspection & Quality

Quality control is considered a vital part of the Company’s strength. Considerable investment has been made in our quality systems and we continually strive to develop and improve these processes. The business has a constant trend for evolution towards zero defects.

Bilston Engineering works to the highest industry standards, required by our ISO9001 2008 accreditation to guarantee you get quality assured services.

Our quality manager oversees all aspects of components we engineer and manufacture. To ensure we continually maintain the high standards our customers expect we implement rigorous inspection and quality procedures.

Customers can have every confidence that we will manufacture products to the highest standards.

Incoming orders are logged onto the computer system and each stage of the production process is monitored and entered onto the system giving us full control of each order at all times. On completion the relevant information is archived for future reference.

Components manufactured by Bilston Engineering are made to the highest specification. Bilston Engineering made parts are used in such diverse industries as:
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Material Handling
  • Mining
  • MOD
  • Power Generation and Distribution Technology
  • Rail

The images on this website show the detailed nature of the work we undertake at Bilston Engineering.

The business has a constant trend for evolution towards zero defects. This is ongoing in terms of training, monitoring and inspection, whilst already operating to the principles of structured quality planning system, full ISO9001 2008.
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Bilston Engineering Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tesserrae Group Limited, a Company registered in England & Wales number 09456739 (web:
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